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Welcome to NSTA!!                                  

The Nebraska State Taxidermists Association is a collection of taxidermists dedicated to preserving the art of taxidermy.  The NSTA provides an outlet for it's members to share their ideas and knowledge with one another. 

NSTA holds an annual convention and competition where taxidermists can enter their works and compete with others.  At conventions you have the opportunity to attend seminars given by experts as a way to help you learn more, as well as admire the work of your peers. 

Meetings are held throughout the year for members.  Here members opinions about how to better our association and craft are voiced.  Anyone new to taxidermy who may want to learn more is welcome to attend.  Additional seminars may also be held at these meetings.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Nebraska State Taxidermists Association, please view the Officers and Members page, or fill out the form.

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